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Venus and beauty over the centuries (part X)


Here we are at the end, at the tenth episode of this series. This time, we will not analyze the past but the future, more precisely, the next 243 years by interpreting the astrological charts of the inferior conjunctions between the Sun and Venus that have already taken place this century.

For the years 1874 and 1882, the two pairs of data of Venus’s passage over the Sun, based on the calculations made by Fred Espenak, NASA / GSFC1 are:
June 8, 2004 GMT 8:43 (Series 3)
June 06, 2012 GMT 01:09
(Series 5)

This pair of transits marks a new Venusian and we are all witnesses to its beginning.

In the face of such a challenge I remember Mihai Eminescu’s lyrics of the poem “Glossa”:
“Both the future and the past
Are but sides of the same page;
In beginnings, ends are cast
For whoever can be sage;
All that was or e’er will be
In the present we can find;
But as to its vanity,
You should ponder in your mind.” (Translation by Andrei Bantas)2

So before we think about the future, we are bound to reflect on the past. Winston Churchill said, “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” So did we in previous episodes discuss about the past, while in this last episode we will discuss the future by analyzing the correlation between the charts of the greatest instants of Venus’s passage over the Sun with how beauty will be perceived in the next two centuries.

As I have written in the first episode, beauty is deeply rooted in our minds and is revealed only when we contemplate it, which is not surprising, since Venus is a feminine, passive or Yin planet, opposed to Yang, which represents the action. Beauty3 is, in fact, the true destination of human life, because beauty, both inner and outer, is one of the human virtues that Greek philosophers said would bring individual and collective excellence. Beauty is, in fact, the real power.

Beauty is all around us, and light finds us when we realize that we are all part of the oneness and that we all deserve to be praised. When we despise, we despise ourselves.

From ancient times, Vedic hymns mention Sūrya or “the sunrise” as a symbol that scatters darkness and ignorance, which empowers knowledge, and knowledge reveals the gates of the city of light…

Let’s see how this process will unfold by analyzing the chart from 2004.

I was not surprised to notice that the symbolism of light is so clearly highlighted in the first chart given that the Ascendant is in the sign of Leo, the zodiac sign that literally represents the triumph of light, especially when its ruler, the Sun is located in the 11th house, the house of Good Spirit as it was called by the ancient Greek astrologers.

They considered this house the luckiest house because a planet located in this place has gone a long way from the Ascendant4 so that it becomes visible being freed from the negative connotations associated with the 12th house: captivity and invisibility. So, the position shows us a favorable stage, bringing prosperity, strength, freedom, hope, triumph, and a positive direction towards achieving all desires. In his “Anthology” Vettius Valens says about the 11th place that it offers goods and properties, especially if the Benefics are inside or making aspects, as is our case: Sun, Venus and Mercury are in Gemini in 11th house, and Jupiter from Virgo makes aspects with all the three planets, in fact we have T-square if we should also take into account Uranus in Pisces in the 8th house. Jupiter in opposition to Uranus on Virgo-Pisces axis tells me about the transformation of religion and of the Church (Jupiter) through a new perspective: esoteric, perhaps magical (the 8th house).

Vettius Valens also said that if the Sun and Venus are located here they bring gold, silver, jewels, great properties, and gifts from the higher ups and the kings. They make people spend money for noble purposes and become benefactors of many and of the weak.

We also find out that Mercury in this place gives rise to ups and downs, bringing changes and sometimes making liberal and generous people, otherwise needy and burdened with debt, because Mercury is concerned about everything that is good or the opposite, bad.

In modern astrology, we call the 11th house, the house of friends and protectors, and we interpret it with using a positive meaning. The same lucky significance we encounter in traditional astrology, since Jupiter, the Great Benefic has his own joy in this house. Marcus Manilius, the Hellenistic astrologer, tells us why the 11th house is the luckiest house of all, even luckier than the 10th house: it is above the horizon and in diurnal motion moves towards MC (Midheaven). MC is the highest point of a chart, the highest power that can be reached, and beyond this point the decline begins. From here, we find the correlation between the 11th house and the motivation for success, but also the ambition to get the big prize represented by the MC.

However the sign of Leo, beyond the symbolism of light and of solar power, is, on the other hand, the sign of individuality, the bestial nature of man devouring the soul. The first labor of the great Greek hero, Hercules, son of Zeus, was to kill the Nemean lion. In Greek mythology it is known that the Nemean lion took the form of a beautiful woman to attract those who wanted to save a distressed young lady. After the man approached enough the woman who pretended to be injured, she turned into a lion and devoured him, then giving the bones to Hades. Not accidentally, in the vedic writings, Durga, Kali and other feminine deities representing the negative forces of nature were symbolized alongside the image of a lion. From here, we can easily understand the challenges of this era, including individualism, power struggles which leads to exacerbation, a desire to “shine” simply for the sake of appearances, or to obtain a passing comfort (Gemini on the 11th house cusp).

Although, the symbolism of the 11th house imparts a period of growth, which can also be sustained by the presence of the two Malefics, Mars and Saturn in the 12th house from where they cannot do much harm, Jupiter, the symbol of abundance and growth, is in his weakest position in Exile, in Virgo and in the 2nd house, that of material resources and of all institutions concerned with money such as banks, stock exchanges, financial markets and other financial institutions. This may mean several things, including the fact that the preoccupations of religious institutions, as well as those of the legislative system, are directed more towards obtaining material benefits and resources in many ways, although they also offer services (Virgo).

The sign of Leo rising may have several interpretations. Once, it may announce the birth of leaders of the masses harbingers of a new cycle of evolution. At the same time it can symbolize the process of individualization of the masses in which people will truly become their own masters amid the struggle with their own animal nature, using both the qualities of the goddess of beauty, Venus – harmony, peace, associations, partnerships , art, trades but also moral character, emotional intelligence, sociability, good-will, pleasure and appreciation within the organizations and groups to which they will be part of, but also those associated with Mercury – the ability to communicate and superior thinking. This trend is believed to be even more important as Leo is also associated with crafts, trades, guilds, craftsmanship, and all forms of artistic creations through which man can express his / her own individuality.

This will be a long-lasting process, as Leo is a fixed sign, indicating a long-lasting influence with effect to the next Venusian era. Being a fire sign, it shows us firm actions, although with a personal nuance, a trend that tends towards generosity, but without too much empathy, with tendencies towards impulsivity and discontinuity, even hardness.

Then, also the sign of Leo, hot and dry may signify the intensification of problems caused by the global warming and also the setting of precise goals (11th house) to keep global temperature at an optimum level. Likewise, Mars in Cancer in the 12th house may signify a decrease in rain and an increase in heat. Cancer in the 12th house also tell me about water problems, especially drinking water. The lack of water already affects all continents and in 2015 the World Economic Forum has listed water shortages as the greatest global environmental risk and menace for future generations.

One third of the global population lives in severe water stress for at least one month a year5. Half a billion people from all over the world are already experiencing severe water shortages throughout the year. Half of the world’s largest cities face water scarcity6. The situation cannot be improved until organizational measures are taken to make water consumption more efficient and more efforts to reduce infrastructure losses. As regions, the sign of the Crab governs Africa, Scotland, Tunisia and the South in general, but also cities like Venice, Pisa, Amsterdam, and Istanbul – these may be more likely to face water problems.

Beyond the negative connotations associated with water, the Crab also represents cancer (disease), so given the presence of the two Malefics, we can expect to find ways to completely eradicate this disease. Also, Mars, as ruler of the 4th and 9th houses, in Cancer, in Fall and in the 12th house, tells us that issues related to land, agriculture, housing, cities, land resources, water resources again, and issues related to genealogy, heredity, genetics (4th house), but also religion, universities, professors, philosophy, astrology, higher knowledge, science, scientific institutions and publications of all kinds (9th house) will be linked in one way or another with the symbolism of the 12th house, possible links to conspiracy theory, the presentation of half-way truths or maybe all of these fields will be reexamined and rediscovered in a new light.

Coincidentally or not, Mars in Cancer is at the same degree as the fixed star, Castor. The symbolism of this star is closely related to the symbolism of the twins, Castor being the mortal twin, renowned for its ability to tame the horses7. When Castor dies, Pollux asks his father, Zeus, to share his own immortality with his brother, so Zeus transforms them into the constellation of Gemini. They have been associated over time with warriors, hunters and excellent horsemen, being known as the gods of light in Sparta or dioscuri (again light!), symbolizing the ideal brotherly love.

Here is what we find out from Marcus Manilius in “Astronomica” about the constellation of Gemini: “From Gemini there are less laborious calls and a more agreeable way of life, enchanted by special songs and harmonious voices […]: those so endowed that they find even work a pleasure. They will destroy the pillars of war, the sound of the trumpet and the darkness of old age: theirs will be a light eternal life in the arms of love. They will also discover ways to heaven and will make a map of the heavens with numbers and measurements […]: nature gives birth to their genius, who serves them in all things. So many are the achievements that Gemini is responsible for”8.

Let’s not forget that Mars in Cancer in a diurnal chart is in the Triplicity of Venus, which indicates that all the problems associated with the 12th house Mars will be very much diminished and the situation will improve considerably if we’ll use the attributes of Venus in Gemini, in the heart of the Sun. We learn from Guido Bonatti that Venus in Gemini in good condition means eliminating any problems related to war and contradictions, as well as peace especially in the North and West. In consequence, people would do well to take care of the beautiful things in life, of all that they like, of what unites them, and not separates them, and give up the apocalyptic vision of the world, because we still have some time until then. The problem with Venus is that only truly spiritual beings can really experience her power, otherwise the danger is falling into a state of passivity and receptivity that accepts anything, a state of self-indulgence that does more harm than good.

Returning to the Ascendant, the sign of Leo corresponds to East, as cardinal point as we know from William Lilly, so we can think that the world population (1st house) will reach even higher number in the Eastern part of ​​the world. This cannot be far from the truth since at present, most of the world’s population is concentrated in Asia (about 60%). Also from Lilly, we know that the sign of Leo is associated with the forests, so I understand that the initiatives of replanting forests, green policy development, especially in India and China (East), will continue as a trend in the future.

From a political point of view, the Sun in the 11th house tell us that the concerns of those in power will be related in particular to the establishment of amiable and diplomatic relations (Venus) by signing (Mercury) treaties (Gemini) between Allies – Mercury in Gemini in his own house. The sign of Gemini being a mutable sign, is undoubted unstable, so we can expect sudden changes in the situations, scheming and superficialities within these alliances. The forces of the opposition will be virtually nonexistent since the ruler of the 4th house, Mars, is in a very weak position, in his Fall in the 12th house, isolated and close to Saturn, which does not ensure his success.

The moon in the 7th house at a critical degree in Aquarius can indicate that the public’s attention will be directed to external relations in an obsessive way, with a touch of unpredictability and rebellion – the desire for personal liberty and intellectual affirmation being extremely highlighted. Saturn in Cancer in the 12th house as ruler of the Moon tells us that people’s interests will be related to hidden issues, secrets, illnesses, especially psychic, desperate situations, clandestine or illegal actions, occult and magic movements, secret societies, enemies of the countries, isolated places and institutions for all those with problems or who need funds for existence, homeless people.

In a World Health Organization report published in 2017 it was mentioned that more than 300 million people suffer from depression, about 4.4% of the world’s population, and that people in such situations are on the increase, especially in underdeveloped countries, where there is poverty, high unemployment rate, problems due to abuses of any kind, especially drugs and alcohol. I cannot even imagine the real situation if we were to take into account all types of mental illness, especially as this trend will continue in the future. However, Saturn is in the Triplicity and the Bounds of Venus, which means that a rediscovery of the values ​​which Venus inspires, such as: art, music, dance, colors, flowers and gardens, generosity, honor, love, peace and harmonious relations , fun and games and all the pleasures of life will help solve those problems.

The eight years that pass between the two moments are fertile periods of processing the new ideas and changes, in which there is a progress of consciousness regarding the nature of the world.

The second chart has Aries Ascendant at 5 degrees in close conjunction with Uranus at 8 degrees, meaning a new stage, a beginning strongly influenced by the expression of Uranus: everything that is unexpected and surprising. Until now, I have not analyzed the transpersonal planets, since I hadn’t notice such a close conjunction between the Ascendant and a transpersonal planet in none of the charts analyzed so far except for the year 1518 when the Ascendant was at a 4 degrees apart from Uranus. In a way, I believe that the events that began during the first Scientific Revolution will unfold further but at a higher level, in the next 243 years. We are on the verge of the Second Scientific Revolution during which we will discover new information about the theory the heliocentric system promoted by Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543), which will transform astronomy, as we know it today. Let us not forget that Uranus is the god of heaven, which awakens in us the need for freedom, but also all the superior mental abilities, such as intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, but also everything that is represented by technique, computer science, electronics, telecommunications9, electro-magnetism and, above all, human magnetism, the digital world, science fiction – some scenarios in SF films will become reality in the coming centuries. I hope also that astrology and astronomy will be among the most important concerns of those times.

In this chart, the goddess of beauty is in the third house, a cadent house that makes the transition from the 2nd, a weak house because it does not makes an aspect with the Ascendant and 4th house, a strong house.

The 3rd house is the house of short travels which Rhetorius, the Egyptian called the house of good decline, since it is configured by sextile with the Ascendant. During the Hellenistic period, the meanings associated with the 3rd house were those related to travelers, generally religious ceremonies, religious cults, sacred places, temples, priests and priestesses, as well as divination and dreams.

We can understand the significance of Venus in Gemini in this house: on one hand, the relationship between humans and nature (also highlighted by Mars in Virgo in the 6th house) will be restored by the revival of divine practices, such as magic, astrology, alchemy, the rediscovery of ancient knowledge, and, on the other hand, I’m thinking of ways to facilitate interstellar journeys using space crafts, though reality and science would contradict this assumption. It remains to be seen whether the god of inventions, Uranus, the symbol of long journeys, will help us find the solutions needed for such a challenge. In this Venusian era, the goddess Venus becomes the queen of surprises … which will give mankind an opportunity to truly become a work of art, through culture, science, using our own intellectual abilities (the sign of Gemini).


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  3. Beauty, like any other concept in this world, is based on a triple gradation based on number 3. In man, it is manifested in body, life and will – based on Papus, “Secret Science”.
  4. If we consider the Ascendant as the moment of the sunrise, the planets in the 12th house would be too close to the Sun, which would make them invisible, therefore their condition would become combust or under the Sun’s beams, producing unwanted effects.
  7. Lilly associates large animals, in general, and horses, especially with the 12th house. From this point of view, the main theme is the symbolism of the 12th house, something that is secret, but which is preparing to become known in a more distant future.
  8. Manilius, Astronomica, sec. I d.Hr. p.281.
  9. Uranus is the superior octave of Mercury, so signifies also everything related to remote communications.

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