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Monomoiria, a lost essential dignity…? (part III)

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Part III – Astrological commentary with examples

In the following paragraphs we will present several examples of twins, individuals born on the same day and place and nearly at the same time. Based on the Part of Fortune, Ascendant, MC and the Moon’s monomoiria we found out why their lives are so different from one another, although they have almost identical birth charts.

In addition, there could be also other parts or lots which change within minutes in a chart, but I have selected only the one mentioned above, which together with the Sun, the Moon, MC and Ascendant brings a deep and complex understanding of a chart.

“The Part of Fortune is used to describe the basic way in which the individual is physically connected with the surrounding world. It is one of the significators of the body and health, and it is the primary significator of prosperity, and also career as it relates to prosperity.“ – Robert Hand

Part of Fortune is the most important lot and its calculation is extracted from the position of the Luminaries and the Ascendant in a given chart. It represents an area of life where the individual is fortunate and that which gives wealth and comfort to the native.

Why should we consider monomoiria an essential dignity? It is said that when a planet is found in a segment of the zodiac where its nature is reinforced, the planet is dignified, being especially powerful when found in a zodiacal position where its expression is strong and stable. In Hellenistic astrology not all planets are equal in bringing about their favorable outcomes, if any. This judgment is based on the planetary rulerships: domicile (house), exaltation, triplicity, term, decan (face) and last, but not least I would say also monomoiria. Since the assignment of rulership is made based on the same two factors – the signs and the Chaldean order of planets in the celestial sphere – we can conclude that monomoiria represents part of the essential dignities system.

But how can we interpret monomoiria? In the interpretation of monomoiria, I considered the decans the most similar to monomoiria, as the they are divisons of 10 degrees (36 = 360/10 decans in a horoscope) and monomoiria is one degree of a zodiacal sign assigned to the seven heavenly bodies. Although, the terms are also divisions of the zodiac, I did not considered them as they are irregular and are ruled by only 5 out of 7 traditional planets. There are also variations of terms in traditional astrology (Ptolemaic, Egyptian) and their symbolic meaning is lost in the darkness of time. In contrast, there are no known variations on the assignment of faces to the planets.

Referring to the faces of the seven stars, Paulus Alexandrinus states that when a star (planet) is in its own decan it rejoices just as though it was in its own domicile, and planets in domicile are strong, they are the captain of their own fate. Applying the same principle of decanates interpretation to the monomoiria, and taking into consideration that each zodiacal degree is a blend of planetary influences, let’s see below the examples of the twins charts.

The analysis shows how, when all other things being equal, the Moon, Ascendant, MC and Part of Fortune different monomoiria can change one’s destiny.

Moon, Ascendant and MC are found in different monomoiria

Here’s a little known fact about the King of Rock and Roll: He was a twin, born in Tulepo, Mississippi, on January 8, 1935. Presley was born at 04:35 AM (CST h6w), 35 minutes after his identical twin brother, Jesse, who sadly was delivered stillborn.

Elvis Presley harta
Elvis Presley. Source:,_Elvis

His Ascendant was at 13º Sagittarius in the monomoiria of Moon. Elvis got his Moon at 3º Pisces and MC at 27º Virgo, both in the monomoiria of the Sun. Also, he had Sun and Part of Fortune in the monomoiria of Sun. Thus, his Sun is very strong, his life force is promising, although in his chart Sun and Moon are in weak signs with low vitality: Capricorn and Pisces.

Whereas, his twin brother had Moon at 2º Pisces, in the decanate of Saturn and in the monomoiria of Mars (Ares) – malefic planets not good for life. Mars found at a critical degree in cardinal sign (13º Libra is the location of the fixed star Algorab, of the nature of Mars and Saturn, also connected to death) makes an applying square with Jesse’s Sun at 18º Capricorn.

Jesse Presley harta
Jesse Presley. Source:,_Jesse

Both nativities belong to the nocturnal sect, so the Moon in Pisces is highlighted. While being the ruler of the 8th house in both charts, in Jesse’s chart she is also very close to IC (i.e. death). Jupiter, ruler of the Moon is in Scorpio in the 12th house in the monomoiria of Moon, which takes away all his power for saving the native from death.

The MC is at 18º Virgo also in the monomoiria of Jupiter. His Part of Fortune is in Libra together with Mars, not good for life. The Ascendant is in the monomoiria of Mercury which is located in Capricorn together with the Sun, in the second house, in aversion to the Ascendant, not good for life also.

For these twins, a time difference of approx. 30 minutes had a huge impact being a matter of life and death.

Only Moon and MC are found in different degrees

Kiefer Sutherland, born on 21st December 1966 at 09:00 AM at St. Marylebone, England, GMT h0e (is standard time) and Rachel Sutherland, born on the same day three minutes afterwards, at 9:03 AM.

This pair of twins decided to go into entertainment industry together, but while Kiefer is an actor, Rachel works as a post-production supervisor.

Kiefer has got his Moon in the monomoiria of Mars (15º Aries), which means he will exhibit typical martial behavior, especially when compared to his younger sister who will be more of a commander, who likes to be in charge as her Moon’s degree is ruled by the Sun, both by decanate and by monomoiria (16º Aries).

Keifer Sutherland harta
Kiefer Sutherland. Source:,_Kiefer

The older one will probably show more aggressive, assertive, competitive and rash attitude which could lead him into all sorts of public trouble (the ruler of monomoiria Moon’s is in the 10th in his detriment, in Libra). Kiefer is known for his criminal behavior (drunk driving) for which he got arrested several times.

While his sister has MC in the monomoiria of Mercury, she is working as a TV producer, behind the scenes as her Mercury, ruler of MC by monomoiria is in the twelve house.

Rachel Sutherland harta
Rachel Sutherland. Source:,_Rachel

The Ascendant degree in the monomoiria of Venus should make them both very attractive and in relation to the arts. Especially in case of the brother, women will be attracted to him and he will be very women-prone, because the MC also shares familiarity with the AC through the same monomoiria ruler – Venus, which was useful in his career, for sure.

Only Parts of Fortune are in different degrees

These two are probably the most famous twins. Since their days as Tanner on Full House, among many other roles, the pair has flourished in the fashion world with their label The Row.

Ashley Olsen, born on 13 June 1986 at 09:43 AM at Van Nuys, California, PDT h7w and Mary-Kate Olsen, born two minutes later.


Ashley Olsen harta
Ashley Olsen. Source:,_Ashley

They both have Moon at 1º Virgo in the monomoiria of Mercury, MC at 7º Taurus, in the monomoiria of the Sun. The Ascendant is at 14º Leo in the monomoiria of Mars. However, what sets them apart is Part of Fortune, which in case of Ashley is at 22º Libra in the monomoiria of Venus, while Mary-Kate has it at 23º Libra in the monomoiria of Mercury.

Although the twins look alike and have basically lived the same life, they have different personalities and interests. Mary-Kate’s academic strength is writing; Ashley’s is math. Ashley plans to study psychology while Mary-Kate’s interests are photography and culinary arts.

Mary-Kate Olsen harta
Mary-Kate Olsen. Source:,_Mary-Kate

Apart from her sister, in 2004 Mary-Kate had treatment for an eating disorder that she had been struggling with for quite some time. Both Venus and Mercury, as rulers of Part of Fortune monomoiria, are found in the twelve house of Cancer in both charts. However, Venus in Cancer in a diurnal chart is in her own triplicity being stronger than Mercury which is Peregrine. Thus, the problems of Mary-Kate were related of self-undoing (twelve house) through nutrition or lack of it (Cancer).

Ascendant, MC and Part of Fortune are in different degrees

Robin Gibb was born on 22nd December 1949 at 03:15 AM at Douglas, Isle Of Man together with his twin-brother, Maurice, born 45 minutes later, at 03:50 AM. Together with their brother Andy, they are known for forming the Bee Gees in 1960 in Manchester, England. They were awarded the “Most successful family vocal group in history” in the Guinness Book of Records.

The family had emigrated to Australia in 1958. The brothers first performed on stage as pre-teens, encouraged by their dad, Hugh, a bandleader. After winning a radio talent contest, the three boys graduated to hosting their own TV show. Their first record, „Three Kisses of Love,” a single in 1963 was mildly successful. By 1966 they were a top local group but with market limitations. An Australian promoter took the band to the U.K. in 1967 as a challenge to the Beatles. They scored with hits almost immediately.

For a period the three brothers had a falling out and Robin went solo for a while with „Robin’s Reign.” He reunited with his brothers in late 1970.

In the mid-70s the disco explosion revived the group and made them superstars. Their authorized biography, „The Illustrated Bee Gees” was published in 1979.

Robin Gibb harta
Robin Gibb. Source:,_Robin

Robin’s Ascendant in Scorpio is in the monomoiria of Mars, ruled also by Mars. This should have made him individualistic, and/or self-interested compared to his brother who had the Ascendant in the monomoiria of Jupiter. They both have had MC in Leo, Robin’s in the monomoiria of Jupiter and Maurice in that of the Sun. They both enjoyed great fame and fortune. However, their health was not so good, as both suffered from blocked intestines.

Maurice Gibb harta
Maurice Gibb. Source:,_Maurice

Robin survived the surgery for this condition while his brother, Maurice died unexpectedly following surgery. Robin’s Part of Fortune in Virgo in the monomoiria of Moon and his brother’s in the sign of Libra, in the monomoiria of Mars, in conjunction with South Node in Libra could be an explanation for this.

Moon, Ascendant, MC and Part of Fortune are found in different monomoiria

Jean, Prince of Luxembourg was born on 15 May 1957 at 00:40 am at Berg, Luxembourg. He is the second son of Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Princess Joséphine-Charlotte of Belgium and the twin brother of Princess Margaretha. He is known by the name of Jean Nassau, the one royalty who renounced his right of succession to the Luxembourg throne. On the other hand, his twin sister, Margaretha born 26 minutes afterwards had a very different destiny, we could say, almost opposite as she married another royalty: Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein. For the time being, this is the last dynastically equal marriage between two sovereign houses currently reigning in Europe. They have had four children.

After being educated at the University of Geneva, Jean went on working as a financial analyst Finance, Planning & Analysis Division of the group W.R. Grace. At presents, he works in the water industry, he is an advisor to the GDF-Suez Group, being also a board member of several financial institutions.

His sister, Princess Margaretha, on the other hand, is fulfilling her monarchal duties by supporting for charity different non-governmental organizations (NGO) in Europe and especially, in Luxembourg.

Her main recreational interests and sport activities include riding, skiing, tennis, hunting, reading and modern and classical music.

Prince Jean’s Ascendant is found at 25º Capricorn in the last decanate of Capricorn, ruled by the Sun and in the monomoiria of the Sun. When the Capricorn Ascendant’s need for structure and organization is colored by the Sun, the symbol of power and force shines a light on the ambitious achieving of the native.

Jean de Luxembourg harta
Jean of Luxembourg. Source:,_Prince_of_Luxembourg

Princess Margaretha’s Ascendant is at 3º Aquarius in the first decanate ruled by Venus and in the monomoiria of Mars.

Margaretha Luxembourg harta
Margaretha of Liechtenstein. Source:,_Princess_of_Liechtenstein

In the same manner, Prince Jean’s MC is at 26º Scorpion, monomoiria of Moon – he has had career in water industry in the world of international finance (Scorpio). Respectively, Princess Margaretha’s MC at 3º Sagittarius is in the monomoiria of Sun – she shines as royalty among Europe’s monarchs and nobles.

Princess Margaretha’s Moon is located also in Sagittarius, in the domicile and monomoiria of Jupiter and in conjunction with Saturn, indicating that the fulfilling of her main duties brought her a more important destiny by serving her family. She identifies herself with this responsibility as Mars, monomoiria of her Ascendant is located in the sixth house, that of service to others. In her case, Part of Fortune is also in the sixth house in the monomoiria of Venus, which rules her fourth house, of family and ninth house of higher learning and principles. For her brother, Part of Fortune is in the monomoiria of Sun, which in his case rules eighth house of spouse’s resources, as he was the one who married morganatically in 1987 and later in 2004, divorced.

Although the two brothers were given the same birth right, they have had different fates.


Although family, culture and parents and consequently our own beliefs influence how we view the world, our fate is triggered at certain moments in life, thereby making it possible for us to develop a sense of modesty which activates an inner vision of ourselves.

It seems that an invisible thread is weaved into our lives by destiny personified by the three Moirai. In ancient mythology they were mostly described as cold, unfeeling old crones who inspired fear and acted independently of the Gods. Despite this, we, as astrologers, must find their true meaning and purpose in order to guide people according to their Fate for a more fair and just world.

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