Healing the Present from the Past. A Client Example – and demonstration of the Age Point

Illustration by Norman Duenas

Today’s article is a case study involving an upgoing and resourceful woman, who we will call ‘Gretel’, although it is not her real name. Details regarding this chart is being released with her permission. She is born on June 5. 1961 at 20.30 CEST (+2), at a location with coordinates 63N45, 11E18. She is a woman in her late 50’s, soon 60, who has many opportunities ahead, but who unfortunately also has been diagnosed with a possible Parkinson’s. There are still questions regarding the diagnosis that are not fully decided. Additionally, Parkinson’s is one of those mystery disorders which hasn’t yet been fully understood by medicine. While it isn’t the part of the Astrologer to cast medical diagnosis, and let’s be absolutely clear on this, because we are legally bound and this task should be left to doctors, I still want to take you through the chart for exploratory reasons and so you may glimpse how everything is tied together.

As Astrologers our approach is one of observation, exploration and discovery. We are in fact, in a pivot position in regard to being able to put things in perspective. We can see, rationalise, connect and relate phenomena, which elsewise is not apparent to the eye. We probe to seek disclose the source of circumstance. Where do things come from? How did they originate? What is the ongoing story? Some diseases are in fact psychosomatic, triggered by a balance, or rather imbalance, of internal and external tensions. To shed light on both the resources and conflicts within a chart, the Age Point can be used as a tool both to enlighten the exchange of inner and outer dialogues.

The understanding of how matters come together and can be seen transposed and echoed throughout life, beckons a gift. It is the gift of realization and hence the gift for change. Through our comprehension and recognition of astrological metaphor and the symbolism of topic and theme, we possess the tools for grasping the relatedness of phenomena. Which in many cases may suggest what went either wrong or right at some crucial time, or involving several stages of life. But this also reveals how the those same issues and topics may be addressed and then improved upon on a future encounter. Here lies the true opportunity for growth and in this fashion also a kind of resolve or healing. The client, Gretel, is currently in a relationship that has been endured for 3 years. Her two parents are also still alive at the time of the consultation. Her father is a respectable 97 years old and her mother is 94, yet the latter is suffering from a severe case of dementia. Her marital relationship is good, but her parents are an issue of worry.

Now regarding Parkinson’s, this is a disease often compared with and put into relation with Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy. They are all reckoned as nervous diseases and thus related to the planet Mercury. Therefore take particular note to the position and state of Mercury, who in this chart is rather sensitively located in the soft, vulnerable and slightly flabby sign of Cancer. Mercury does by reason not perform particularly well in the mute water signs. On a speculative note one might ask, bearing the current chart in mind, whether a part of the problem may in this case be related to a type of nerve/cell-sensitivity. Or maybe Cancer collects, retains and holds onto cell liquids in a manner such that these are not readily flushed as the brain and nervous system requires, and which is a process that is supposedly induced and taken care of by our sleep.

In Gretel’s chart, Mercury is in a tight semi-square with Uranus – the planet of sudden energy-releases, surprises and fits. In conflict with obstacles and strictures, Uranus would be an indication of nervous tensions. I have seen a few Mercury/Uranus issues appear in charts during my career. Although it isn’t mandatory, some did involve epileptic fits. In other cases the newborn child had the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck either one or several times. For this reason I monitor for similar topics whenever the combination appears.

Uranus, by the way, is located on the Nonagesimal of the chart. This is the point of the ecliptic that, with the exception of some Polar charts, always leans somewhere toward the South but is more exactly always square the ascendant. The Nonagesimal coincides with the cusp of the 10th house in the Equal House system. Personally, I prefer a Quadrant House System with the cusp of the 10th on the MC in the exact South. Yet to underline the importance of the Nonagesimal, it is always represents that point of the ecliptic which is highest raised above the horizon. To explain; The Midheaven (MC) is always the Meridian direct South. It marks the culmination and highest point any one and single degree of the ecliptic may reach in the Sky. Yet, the inclination of the ecliptic causes some zodiacal degrees of the ecliptic to climb higher than others and the Nonagesimal will always coincide with that point which is highest.

So Uranus on the Nonagesimal is important. The Uranus square Ascendant is an expression of excitement, yet also unforeseen, unexpected and irregular phenomena. Mercury is semi-square Uranus, indicating the inner tensions contained by the native him/herself, indicating a leaning toward some sort of nervous state. The semi-square is slightly irritated and of abrupt responses. Hard Mercury/Uranus contacts often reveal cross-current thought processes. Before an idea is fully in the open and properly digested, it is often replaced by a new one, and the nervous system may be working at high speed and at an overload pace. People with prominent Mercury/Uranus aspects are often highly intuitive, but do not always have the time to complete sentences or listen out on conversations. As soon as they have got the point, they move briskly on to the next. There is an element of stress.

Mercury beholds a sesquiquadrate aspect to the Ascendant. This portrays a type of nervousness and anxiety, too – yet as it is mainly induced and introduced by the exterior. Because the sequiquadrate will act like a projected semi-square, the tension originating on the opposite side of the pitch. Somebody else got up in the wrong side of the bed and was in a jittered state. This burden they carry with them as they enter your scene and start interacting with your chart. Letting their irritations and shortcomings down in your lap and face, as it were. Hence the sesquiquadrate often shows an anxiety caused by external factors, due to circumstances that lie beyond your control. You can’t see the cause of things, or why they are occurring and half the time you haven’t got the faintest clue what is going on.

At the time of the consultation Gretel is closing in on her 60th year and jubilee birthday with great speed. This will occurs on June 5. 2021. This means the Age Point will at this point of time have travelled an entire circle around the birthchart, beginning with the Ascendant at the age of 0, travelling clockwise and passing the Ascendant again at the age of 60. Here a new cycle commences. We also know, according to Age Point theory, that this circle and journey through time can be broken down into 4 repetitive quarters of 90° or 15 years each, or further bisected into 8 portions of 45°, each consisting of 7,5 years. As the Age Point is directed around the chartwheel in a clockwise manner, we can monitor events in accordance to the repetitive contacts the Age Point makes to any point or configuration within the chart. However in this case, which is convenient for our learning, the points we are watching all occur in a hard aspects (0°,45°,90°,180°) to the Ascendant. So it is easy for us to see. And the ages of 7.5yrs, 15yrs, 22.5yrs, 30yrs, 37.5yrs, 45yrs, 52.5yrs and 60yrs are all related and particularly interesting.

Just stepping aside of the Age Point again a brief moment; The Moon last passes over and comes from Chiron and the Moon’s South Node. From this it is reasonable to judge that the mother and unborn child (the native) were inconvenienced during labour and birth. The South Node in particular will often indicate a lack, or the tight and narrow passage of birth itself. Chiron with the Node in Pisces indicates a midstream turmoil. The Scorpio Ascendant does also under difficult configurations token of danger at birth with the potential violence or use of sharp instruments. This liability is accentuated by Uranus on the Nonagesimal, square the Ascendant. I suggested something irregular had happened at birth and there was a situation of unexpectancy, orr someone made an irregular move or decision. She responded; „Someone made the wrong decision for sure, because I seriously destroyed my mother. The receiving doctor should have chosen a caesarian, as provided for my elder brother, yet my mother was ordered a natural birth and was terribly torn.” So this didn’t work out well at all. The native is not to blame, but a victim of circumstance. Yet the occurrence of this mistake and disorder sets off other things in the chart – with the matters spinning in unportended fashion.

So my queries to the client begin with what happen in her life at the time of 15, 30 and 45 years of age, since this is the time when the Age Point made its hard aspects (squares and opposition) to her natal Uranus. „When I was 45 years old I divorced the Man I married when I was 30 years old,” she said. „And when I was 15 years old I had a crush on (a distant and unrealized attraction) with the Man I am living with today.”

We’re on!!

Uranus is turning the tables on her for sure – but apparently it expresses itself through men, authority and relationships. Obviously the drama of her birth was unwarranted. Reaching the age of 15 she was ruthlessly attracted to a Man she could not have – at the time. Getting married at 30 seems unusual, but then it replaces the needs expressed 15 years earlier. And while 15 years is a respectable length of time for any marriage, when she is 45 this marriage breaks. You have to admit the reoccurring story is evident. On one level these turns in Gretel’s life relate to the drama and management of her birth. And on another level it might be the cause of nervous tension. The question to be examined is whether Gretel feels on top of the situation during these reoccurring happenings at the repetitive key-moments of her life. Is there anything compulsory going on that  she needs to understand, and is this something she can resolve upon a future transition?

We must not forget that Uranus is in a joint aspect with Mercury, so next I asked, „What happened at the time of 22.5yrs, 37.5yrs and 52.5yrs of age?” at which time the Age Point would be contacting with her Mercury, yet still in a 7,5 yr ratio-relationship with the natal Uranus. Her reply was that when she was 52.5 yrs old she completed a yoga teacher education, providing her with resources and a status she enjoys today. And when she was 22.5 yrs she took over her grandmothers house, which was an important move, which protected and looked after the family heritage.

This is interesting, because obviously there is a battle between Mercury and Uranus going on in the chart. And she is trying to compensate through personal relationships on a journey that takes her slightly beyond (Uranus) her immediate boundaries. Even the grandmother is an extension, as the mother of the mother. Where Mercury readily demonstrates the potential for good and reward, Uranus appears unreliable both in terms of what she is offered and what she is receiving. From what initially originates in the fashion of a somewhat short circuit happening at birth, her quest appears to be one of not getting thrown off and ripping things up, but rather ‘filling the gap’. The opposites as reflected within her case history, mirror the contradictions and frictions the nervous system is dealing with.

History repeats itself, we are told. Equally true, the body remembers. Yet, when using the Age Point technique, what the future offers is the opportunity and  tools for addressing the past, making the corrections and improving on quality. This, thus lifts experience to a new level. In this manner the Age Point gets at the root of things and helps utilize the past for a better cause. Some times this is the key to resolving a lifelong conflict, or maybe it lies even deeper than this. From one generation to the next, life is somewhat like a relay team and even though every single participant may struggle with their individual leg, when somebody crosses the finishing line and does something right, this is on behalf of the entire team. With this lies the opportunity for healing, removing the bite or sting, or turning the malice of the past around for a better cause. This has immense implications.

Now Gretel is approaching her 60th year and the events of her past, which we have discussed in this article, are apt to be refashioned and appear in a new cloak for her to deal with again. The questions she could and maybe should be asking herself at this time, is that if she could decide and take responsibility or re-administrate the events previously in her life, i.e. particularly of her birth which occurred under chaotic circumstances, how would she address the situation now? And in relation to the men and authority figures in her life, how is she experiencing the transactions? Is she in control of matters in the way she wishes?

Her 15th, 30th and 45th year are all about men, availabilty, their location, decision-making (people loosing their head or turning in an untimely way) and change. How would she want to manage and administrate the such affairs in her life in the period up ahead? Currently, she is very pleased and content with her relationship, and this is working comfortably. But there is the case with the Parkinson’s diagnosis, which involves a doctor opinion – and it could be relevant for her to stay update on this and make sure her interests are truly taken care of. Looking in on and taking responsibility for her old and sick parents at this time, the mother’s state in particular, is obviously far more challenging. We know how such times may be difficult for a family and also family relationships. Differences from the past often surface, and there is often an unequal division burden and opinion. The thing with parents is that we don’t really know how long they have got, particularly at this age, for how long we will have them. At some point the inevitable will be there. While the karmic relationships within a family may differ, in this case it might be important to address things in the right manner and chew the grit, to put it that way, as it occurs. Also for reasons of personal development. Often this is a matter of priorities, sacrifice and endurance. But possibly seeing things through for over the next few months will prove meaningful. Playing a part of foresight and stability at this time helps balance the chart and resolves shadows of the past in a meaningful manner.

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