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How should I pick up my Date?


The woman calling, and who is the querent, has been invited to a party. She knows that a special person will be present and that they have been regarding one another for a long time. The question is how she is going to be able to pick him up and take him with her home? Here we may make good use of horary astrology for an assessment of the situation. And then for all good causes, according to the querent’s wishes, to provide the Lady with some tips regarding how she her attain her objective – which is taking the guy with her home. The chart is cast for 15.13 CST, March 11. 2023, Asker, 59N50, 10E26, Norway.

First, a technical assessment; The question is posed on a Saturday, the Day of Saturn, and in the Hour of Mars. The Ascendant is Leo. This makes the chart radical on two accounts; First, Mars, Lord of the Hour, has the same Powers as the sign on the ascendant. Both Mars and Leo are fiery and dry. Additionally, the Lord of the Hour has the same Powers as the Lord of the Ascendant, who is the warm and drying Sun. So here the Lord of the Hour is related with the Ascendant in two fashions. I should mention that these two criteria, or the several criteria in which a chart may be proven radical, do not naturally follow one another. Although, sometimes a chart may be proven radical in several ways than one. On other occasions, not at all and the chart is not radical, or ‘in tune’ or correctly balanced. To give an example of how things differ, if it were the Hour of the Sun and the Ascendant was in Scorpio, the Sun would share the Powers of Mars, who is the ruler of Scorpio, yet there would be no agreement with the Sun and Scorpio, because Scorpio is wet and cold. Yet, the chart would still be radical due to the friendship of the Lord of the Hour, the Sun, and Lord of the Ascendant, Mars. And judgement may be passed on the type of contract that is formed between the Lord of the Hour and the Ascendant and/or its Lord. These contracts differ and are revealing in nature, but I will have to expand more on this on a later occasion.

In short, where Mars and Sol are buddies or friends, and the Sun is Lord of the Ascendant, the two may perform as a natural substitute or deputy for one another in their management of a sign, and Mars is recognized in this way in relation to Leo. Yet when the Lord of the Hour has the same Powers as the sign on the Ascendant, viz. Mars & Leo (or if the planet was located in this sign), then it is regarded as a contributor on site adding to the resources of that sign. In these ways, operations will work, qualifying the moment and horary chart. The radical chart shows a question and approach, and with a state of affairs that are correctly balanced or composed, which reveals the correct type of focus, running or relevance.

In our given example Mars twofold attunement with the Ascendant means that it can take control and grip hold of proceedings in two different ways. The double radicality is a double testimony in favour of the strength or importance of the chart, and the Lord of the Hour is always a hint as to which direction we should look. When a chart is radical, it suggests that the question is valid and correctly framed. The celestial attunement shows quality, a balance and cooperating circumstances. Matters run more smoothly or according to the interests and content of the querent. A chart that is not radical shows something that is not working properly. It’s like striking a dumb not on the celestial instrument. Occasionally the question is irrelevant, out of order or incorrectly presented. Other times quality is lacking, or matters do not work out to the satisfaction of the querent. It is more a situation for the Underdog. The querent may be displeased with the artist or with that which is learnt.

Before moving on, let us also pay attention to the relationship between the Lord of the Hour and the Lord of the Day. Because while the Lord of the Hour is like the merchant and civil servant met in the shop, the person behind the counter and in the front office, the Lord of the Day is more like the Department leader sat upstairs or in the back room. The agreement between these two planets and their nature and meanings combined is also important for what is delivered and received, and how smooth things actually work.

In this chart the question was asked in the hour of Mars and on the day of Saturn. These two planetary principles do not mix well, because Mars is hot, while Saturn is cold. When Mars and Saturn combine it is as if someone put their foot on the accelerator and pulled the handbrake at the same time. Forces fight against one another. There is friction, frustration and strain. With Mars and Saturn we also note that they both are infortunes, and are hardly delicate planets, but rather burly and rugged in their description. Even on a good day, when Mars and Saturn perform and deliver, they still will complain or express some reluctance in some way. Yet, Mars, Lord of the Hour, is located in the humane sign Gemini, and on the cusp of the 11th house (friends, network), so there is a social setting and party where hopes and wishes may come true. With the 11th house there is always a compromise of circumstance; or an advantageous situation will present itself, as if it fell right out of the blue.

The querent, who is the person who asks the question, is represented by the Leo Ascendant and its ruler the Sun, which is located in the 8th house, in the sign of Pisces. The Eighth House is a house that requires a therapeutic grip and something must be altered or changed, setting a new chapter. This is important to be able move forward, or else matters are held in stall and could go either way. Moreover, the 8th house is a succedent house, being neither angular nor cadent, which means the issue inquired about is neither immediate nor entirely obvious, but not out of reach and has to be worked on and taken out of its wrapping, as it were.

The quesitive, being the guy with whom the woman wants to link up, is represented by the 7th house and its Lord, where we find Aquarius on the cusp and its ruler, Saturn, is in the 7th house in the beginning of Pisces. A wide range of descriptions surface here, because it is true that the person asked about has a profession that takes him to sea. As a type, being represented by Saturn, he can be cold and reserved, often creating practical distances. And he has a rather complex personality, being drawn in opposite directions by various social influences. Moreover, Pisces is a mute sign and has no voice, so the quesitive is not necessarily articulate or particularly good with words, but rather one who goes quiet, turns introvert and dwells over inner knots. Or he is one who says something contrary (Saturn in Pisces) to his true feelings, purpose and meaning.

At least in this chart, the Sun (significator of the querent) and Saturn (the quesitive) are in the same sign, so all hope is not lost. But Saturn is not fast enough to catch up with the Sun and will not complete the contract. If nothing passes between them, like another third and mediating planet, it will be a situation lost.

Saturn, Lord of the 7th, is placed in its own Face, which is in the first 10 degrees of Pisces. When a planet is in its own Face, it comes to surface, appears and presents itself. It shows its Face, as it were. Although the quesitive is at sea at the time the question is asked and his travel has been delayed (i.e. Saturn is a slow and ponderous planet) providing he has come home he will be invited to the Party and a part of the good company. Saturn in his own Face in an angular house is an indication he will turn up. He is a person of mature age (Saturn), yet is attractive and has both charm and chemistry, as indicated by his significator in its own Face. This minor of essential dignities allows him to seize any moment and go along with the fun, whatever is going – even if he has no further plans, intention or loyalties beyond this. A planet in one’s own Face is also good for an affair or a ‘One-Night-Stand’. It is a good ice-breaker and will provide an opportunity that can get you going. Yet, after this you still need planets with essential dignities of a higher level to provide pegs on various levels if the intention is to build an enduring relationship. The Faces provide you with a taste, like a teaser, yet they do not have a true hold or grip on things. Faces are a start, but they do not last. They will see you through and entertain you in the short term, albeit by a squeal or on a thin thread.

In the chart, there are two planets that could mediate between the Sun and Saturn, the significators of the querent and quesitive, if we show some goodwill. One is Mercury, who is located in Pisces and in the same sign as the Sun and Saturn. Mercury is both Lord of the 11th house (friends and solutions) and dispositor of the Lord of the Hour (purpose & agenda). Mercury comes from the body of Saturn, although their alignment occurred in the previous sign in the end of Aquarius. This would obviously relate to a previous occasion or setting. Then, Hermes travels in the direction of the Sun. Mercury is the ruler of the 11th house, so it could signify some mutual friend, or it is the social gathering and party that meets the requirements. The ruler of the 11th house is always solution-oriented. Mercury is located in his detriment and fall in Pisces which normally would prove him weak (Pisces=diversification), yet here he is in his own Terms, which are from 14⁰-20⁰ Pisces. A Planet in his own Terms shows him on qualified grounds, making him ready and able. Even in his detriment and fall. he is more like a person on a mission, someone who is in control of his situation and who most foremost is the solution to a problem. He is the right person out on the Battlefield (probably being in the wrong place and far from home) – but for the right reasons .

The other planet who may assist Matters is the Moon. And she will always be the co-significator of every question. Here she is part ruler of the 11th house, since Cancer is intercepted in the 11th. In this way, she is more inclined to surprise, or to come on suddenly and unexpectedly. The Moon is in her Fall in Scorpio, so something is rather awkward and inflamed, or in the thorn bushes, as could be said. Yet the Moon still has the same powers as Scorpio, viz. they are both humid and cold, so she is a contributor on site, even though she is in a state of inconvenience. Because the Moon has no actual belonging to Scorpio, or essential dignity in this sign, this makes her more like an accidental contributor. Someone without relationship to the site, but who happens to be passing by. She’s in the angular 4th house, which puts her in the foreground. Her angularity argues her participation and performance, hence she is more inclined to grab hold of things and address them momentarily.

The angular houses show the obvious and that which is short-travelled. Some turmoil or risk may be understood from Luna’s location in Scorpio. Also, from her separation from the Dragon’s tail (the Moon’s South Node), which is in the same sign as her. So, it is important not to fall for old habits or patterns – or things could suddenly short-circuit or retaliate. But, as can be seen, Luna emerges from a favourable trine (120°) with Saturn (the objective) and will eventually and in the final stage of her passage through Scorpio form a trine to the Sun (the querent), so circumstances may aid and offer some contribution.

In the end, it all really seems to hang on a thin thread, because Saturn’s only dignity is by Face and in this way it is not fully structured. However, the Moon’s North Nodes on MC in the South will create a pleasant social occasion that is fruitful and nourishing as such. And, with Uranus in the 10th house, matters may suddenly loosen up, breaking old patterns and take an unexpected turn. Suddenly, someone seizes the opportunity. The dangers lie with the Lunar South Nodes on the IC in the North and the Moon in the North (hidden, or contrary to plan) in Scorpio. Her Fall is an untidy sign for her, so it’s important not to fall for old patterns and issues that have not yet been resolved.

How to check him up? Saturn in Pisces won’t be lavish with words, and he is likely to hold back, go mute or dive down into the deep. He isn’t likely to take the lead, but will rather drift along with circumstances (because he’s in his own Face), provided he doesn’t retreat due to challenge or confrontation. Saturn needs to be affirmed and assured if he is going to thaw up. Since he is in his own Face only, he will not act or commit to responsibility, but go with the flow, provided he can rest on the ropes and pick up on things as they are for the taking and are offered him.

Seeing that the woman is represented by the Sun, it is important the querent does not ‘overwhelm’ him, as the Sun occasionally may do. Therefore, I suggest that she approaches him discreetly with some simple, affirmative yes/no questions using the fewest possible words. If she found a free seat next to him during the evening, it would be easy on her approach if she asked, „Is this seat free? May I sit down?” The obvious answer to both questions would probably be ‘yes’, or she could unravel the knots by saying „Alright, well just for a bit.” And then, start a simple dialogue of confirmation upon common grounds; „This actually turned out to be a nice party. Nice to see people again. Some of them, at least!” (Easy to say yes/no, smile or laugh). Finally, if she wants to check him up for the evening, instead of asking „Do you have plans?” she should try „If you don’t have plans…” And, finally, „If you want to join me, come along! I won’t bite!” In this way, Saturn can just say ‘yes’ and choose the easiest option without further difficulties.


The Querent texted me the day after the Party and was pleased. The Quesitive had turned up and was present as described. Our strategy had also worked and towards the end of the evening when she saw the Seaman get up and go to pay, she sneaked unnoticed out of the premises and met him on the bus stop. Here they stood on their own and enjoyed 9 minutes and then a further 8 minutes for as long as the bus ride (Mercury). It was enjoyable and nice, and, as she was to get off the bus, she squeezed him and gave him a hug. But did she take him with her home? At that point, she decided he was too drunk and had had too much to drink (Day Saturn, Hour Mars. Saturn, Lord of 7th in Pisces), so the answer was no.

I don’t think we should overrule that this was the right thing to do, as friends do look out for one another (Mars, Lord of the Hour on the 11th, and Mercury, Lord of the 11th, applying the Sun, Lord of the 1st), and the opportunity now may be set to connect under more sober circumstances.

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