Dumped in a Foreign Country


The querent is a young woman of Eastern background, yet who speaks fluent Norwegian and probably holds a Norwegian citizenship. She is ritually, yet not legally wed, to a person of her own ethnicity, yet who is about a decade older than herself. They are living together in another European country, which is not Norway, and she is several months pregnant with their child. Presently, they are on their way to his family for Xmas. The family lives in the country of their ethnic origin. During this journey, they have stopped off in Turkey and are staying at a hotel while waiting for a plane that will bring them to their final destination. But here there has an been argument and the male has left.

The querent is calling from her hotel and cannot reach her husband. Last they spoke he said he was leaving her and going to complete the journey on his own. The querent does not know what has happened. Last she received a message from the brother of her husband saying that she should stop trying to get in touch with her husband and that the family was going to find this man a new woman, and that she should return to Norway, not to the country of her residence, and have an abortion.

The consultation is received at 14:14 CET, Friday, Dec 16. 2022, Alesund, Norway, 62N28, 6E09. It is the Day of Venus. Regarding the Hour, we can see that the Sun is in the middle of the 7th house, so the Hour is shifting from Saturn to Jupiter. [Because your choice and practice of Planetary Hours should be complementary to your House System]. Under these circumstances, we say ‘the Guards are caught on the Bridge’ just as they are changing watches. It often means that things can go either way, or there is a shuffle and a change of plans. It is important to consider these things. The ascendant is in Gemini, so the chart is radical on both accounts, yet on different reasoning. Saturn rules the air signs by triplicity and is friendly with the ruler, Mercury. Jupiter shares the Powers of the sign on the ascendant, viz. both are warm and moist.

Retrograde Mars is rising in the Ascendant and is nothing but a warning. He is inconjunct his dispositor, Mercury, so there can be no doubt that there has been a problem and misfit of logistics and also a misunderstanding. Yet, Mars is also in a mixed reception with Mercury, who is in Capricorn, the sign of his exaltation. Quite likely the combination of sign and exaltation makes the situation more hot-headed and fierce than it needs to be, yet it also indicates an option, alternative or fix, because planets in one another’s dignities are always willing to negotiate and find a way out. Mercury is in the 9th house, of long distant travel.

The 7th house is for her partner and spouse. Here I find the flamboyant and self-centred Sun in the restless and uncommiting Sagittarius. Jupiter, who is the ruler of the 7th and dispositor of the Sun, is in the final degree of Pisces. He is changing signs and moving out, travelling from one place to another. The querent received a message from the family saying that her partner had in fact left Turkey and now had arrived home at his family in the East (Jupiter departs from Pisces and enters Aries, an Eastern sign).

The Moon, who is co-significator in the question, is cadent in the 6th house and in Virgo. Turkey is ruled by Virgo. She separates from the square of the Sun in the 7th house and applies to the opposition of Jupiter. Considering she is Lady of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th houses, it does not look good for either the future (2), communication (3), family (4) or the child (5) – and, as Lady of the 4th house, she may promote the End of Matter. However, before the Moon reaches her opposition to Jupiter, she performs a trine to Pluto in the 11th house and who may mediate the situation from the House of relief. This is our only hope. Considering the Moon needed a little less than 1 degree, I told the querent a short day should pass, yet that the situation was likely to be resolved before Noon the next day.

One hour ahead of Noon the querent contacted me and told me she had heard from her husband, and his sisters were now asking what had happened and why she had not arrived. (Pluto in the 11th house in Capricorn is the extension of the sign on the cusp of the 3rd house from the 7th. So the sisters have Power, Pluto!). He had made up a story and was now suggesting that she came after, but that the sisters should not be informed regarding the events that had passed. Although Jupiter, Lord of the 7th and significator of her partner was in his own sign and due to behave with dignity, he was still restless in the final degree of the sign and cadent. I told the querent that, under the circumstances, the position of Mars in the foreground could be taken as a warning and that she should put her personal security first. I also advised that she might consider contacting her Embassy (the Norwegian – Pluto in the 11th house) before encountering this travel. I heard no more from the querent, so her question had been resolved and she made her own way from this point.

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