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May I stop the Building of this Property?

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The querent has been notified by the Authorities that a Solicitor/Investor wants to tear down a building in her neighbourhood and raise a larger building that will alter the neighbourhood entirely. Also the view and outlook in the area, which will negatively affect the neighbourhood and the price of property for existing owners. The community has 14 days to forward their objections. The area is regulated, which means that, at the time when existing purchases were made, there were restrictions which prohibited and guaranteed that such developments, as now are being outlined, would not occur. The question is whether the development plans and the construction of the new residential block can be stopped. The question was asked on October 22nd 2022, CEST 17.03, place Aalesund, Norway, 62N28, 6E09.

The question is asked on the Day of Saturn and in the Hour of the Sun. Aquarius is rising in the Ascendant. Finding the Lord of the Hour and Lord of the Ascendant in the same triplicity, the chart is radical. Besides, Saturn, on the Ascendant, is the natural ruler of buildings. However, the combination of Saturn and the Sun is a negative, because the two are enemies by Powers. So you can be sure there is frustration here and a conflict of authorities.

Saturn is in his own sign and triplicity, so he is strong in the chart. Particularly, a planet in its own triplicity represents a network, a community or circle of people. Mercury, Lord of the 3rd house of neighbours, applies to Saturn by trine, so you can be sure that the querent will receive the support of the neighbours. This is a group and community happening.

The Moon, who is co-significator in the question, is intercepted in the 7th house of the querent’s opponent, and in Virgo, a sign she does not enjoy because of all the technical detail (Mercury corrupts the Moon); Casting her dexter square to Mars, who is on the cusp of the 4th house. I thought this favoured the querent’s prospects of stalling the project because there will be trouble, and this disfavoured the construction of the new building. Both infortunes are angular and any objection, in view of the existing regulations in the area, could be enough to interpose. Because Saturn, the natural significator of buildings, was on the Ascendant and stationary, I felt sure the querent would succeed. According to Bonatus in the Anima Astrologiæ, or the ‘Astrologers Guide’, Any work that is begun at this time and then gets laid down, is hardly likely to be continued, and that work or building will not be finished nor completed. Regarding the querent’s desire to engage an eminent lawyer to ensure the legal technicalities, I observed that Jupiter, Lord of the 9th, was in his own terms in Aries in the 1st house, but  retrograde. I noticed that the Moon would reach the opposition of Jupiter from her own face in Libra, and so I advised her to agree upon a fixed sum or a limited budget for the assignment and to put it in writing, but that the lawyer may be able to lower or waver his/her fee with Jupiter retrograde. Seeing that Jupiter returned to his own sign, Pisces, I suggested that the consignment may change hands, but that this may not necessarily be a disadvantage. The querent said that she has such an esteemed lawyer in mind, but that the case may be offered to a Deputy in need of training. In this way both the price would be reduced and, at the same time as she enjoyed the benefits of the entire collegium of lawyers who would be there to assist their apprentice. The Moon also applied to the trine of Pluto in the 12th house, so it is not unlikely that official regulations would put a stop to the construction plans and the matter may be satisfactorily solved.

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P.S.: Client called me today and said they had succeeded in stopping the building of this house. The lawyer who wanted to build first refused to disclose his building plans (the drawings). Now everything has to be treated in by the right instances and authorities – and it will take time and seems less likely to go through.

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