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Lack of planetary dignity, Age Point and a case of sexual abuse

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In this brief lesson I want to show you something relating to the planetary dignities, or rather lack of of such quality among the planets in a chart. The term ‘planetary dignity’ does as the phrase suggests, refer to a state of dignity, strength or quality of performance.  A planet that is dignified behaves with grace, is strong, well-behaved and well built. It can be relied upon and good interests will be guarded. This is what quality does. It is a guarantee and token of protection, something you can trust and that demonstrates both responsibility and endurance.

When a dignified planet performs as the significator in any chart and involved in a beneficial configuration, whatever good is offered will last. In a difficult chart the malice is reduced because the planet in its own dignities will always behave, show good conduct, act from a moral esteem, demonstrating righteousness or mercy. When a planet or significator lacks essential dignity, any profit and good offered this planet is only ever given in a temporary way. What ever good it signifies may still present itself, but the advantage doesn’t last and whatever good is offered may disappear just as quickly as it came. The good does not last and the significator doesn’t care. There is no honour, reputation or sense of dignity. In difficult charts a planet without dignity cannot endure or hold its ground, and where no quality is present, things break.

A planet that has no essential dignity i.e. neither by sign, exaltation, triplicity, term or face is termed ‘Peregrine’. A planet that is peregrine is like a complete stranger without association or sense of belonging to the territory or matter in question what so ever. No sense of responsibility. Lilly says that a Peregrine planet is malicious beyond expression. Thieves, gypsies, litterers all belong to this category. Someone who is just in for the picking. Mutual reception does not save a planet from peregrination, yet one might feel this matter could be looked into. On page 441 of Christian Astrology, William Lilly quotes a case with Saturn peregrine. Although he was in reception with the Moon, there was no aspect, so Saturn lacked any meaningful function or association.

The client we are looking at today, ‘Magdalena’ (not her real name), is born 30.10.1950, just past midnight at 00.10 CET, at a place with latitude 58N27, longitude 08E48, Norway. Her Sun is in Scorpio, the Moon is in Gemini and the Ascendant is in Gemini. Her Sun is also in exact North. The angular Sun may at some time show its prominence, but in the North and on the IC it is also buried and there may be obstacles or hidden issues. In this chart all the planets are peregrine. Not one planet possesses or is placed in a dignity of its own. As the story goes, this woman was sexually abused and molested by her grandparents and grandfather in her childhood. Neither protected by her grandmother, who sent her into the bathroom in her 11th year of age to wash him. And I should add that no matter what is shown in a chart, children have the right to protection, but unfortunately this is not always the case but should equally be remembered as it is saddening. But the native is not to blame. Sometimes adults make children think they are the problem. This needs some readdressing.

In Magdalena’s chart the Lord of the Asc and the 12th house (hidden enemies) is the Sun, which is located with Mercury (the trickster) on the cusp of the 4th house (roots and family), in Scorpio (sexuality) with Venus (affections) in her own detriment and in the degree of the Moon’s fall. No safety here. At the age of 10 her Age Point comes to the opposition of Mars, who is Lord of the 4th. Mars being in an opposition to the Moon (her sense of security), which the Age Point passes 8 months later. In the least, Moon opposition Mars is an indication of volatile circumstances under the upbringing, maybe the mothers inflammation of the breast during weaning, then being picked on and being hassled with at school. In this case the attack came from inside her family. It lasted for several years.

There is a sesquiquadrate aspect (135°)  in the natal chart between the conjunction of Mercury/Sun and the Moon. The sesquiquadrate (135°) expresses basically the same tensions as the semi-square (45°), the main difference being that the sesquiquadrate connects and relates to something going on the opposite side of the pitch and expressed by the exterior. This aspect is therefore often the cause of anxiety, because the native may be the victim of all sorts of happenings and circumstances, thinking that the blame is his own. There is however the strong need to recognize the shortcomings of others as they occur beyond the native’s horizon, and define new borderlines and working rules. The native can certainly not be held responsible is someone else got up from the wrong side of the bed. So there is a strong need to take hold of the reigns and define the terms.

15 years after these difficult childhood experiences. Magdalena gave birth to a 2nd daughter, no.2 in line, who interestingly and from her own urges decided to become a psychologist. The Age Point would have crossed the Moon’s North Node or Dragons Head (karmic meetings, conception, wisdom, understanding) and squared the opposition of Moon and Mars at the time she was born. The body remembers and topics are reconstructed. Magdalena always experienced her daughter as slightly tense, difficult and demanding, or at war with something, and had as a matter of fact wondered whether it in any way related to her own traumatic childhood experiences. The Age Point say that it does, and the package is inherited or passed on for someone else to work on and solve. The daughters choice of psychology as an occupation may be an additional confirmation of that – but for reasons for which the daughter herself obviously has no rational or reasonable recollection of. Magdalena had several children in her marriage and adult life, her first daughter choosing to be a doctor. Some readers will find that interesting, too, another way of curing and correcting things. But it is the 2nd daughter who becomes the psychologist and who has a chip on her shoulder and for reasons she is not aware of enters complicated relationships with the rest of her family.

When Magdalena reached the age of 40 and her Age Point was directed over Mars and opposed the Moon, her relationship with the father of her children capsized and the family fell apart. So on one level it was War once again. Magdalena recently turned 70 years in October 2020, which is 60 years since the happenings of her childhood. Her mother was taken ill and in the early months of the winter 2021 the mother died as the Age Point once again passed over the Moon and opposition to Mars. Some time passes from when a person deceases and their urn is put to rest in the ground. Magdalena told me this was decided and set for June 10., which I for all practical reasons also could tell her this the day of a solar eclipse.

The chart could have been examined in much greater detail, however the highlights have been selected for the purpose of demonstrating its mechanics together with the Age Point.

Magdalena has lead a full life, yet also one with complications. She has been a kindergarden teacher (looking after children) and worked with young refugees. For many years she has also been the leader for the a National Association and Centre for Authors, which of course deals with the right of expression and freedom of speech. In this way it may be shown how many good things have their beginning in humble circumstances and the difficulties of a chart may be utilized for a good cause.

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