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Age Point and Essential Dignities in practice

Dear friends of Astrology,

In continuence of my lectures and recent articles prepared for your association on the Age Point and the Major and Minor Essential Dignties of the Planets1, I will follow up today with a few practical examples. But first let me summarize on the dignities of the Planets with the following example.

I am involved in a project with a company that specializes in the production of a water with sport benefits. Let me apply this concept of a company in the following manner:

The Natural Ruler of the sign represents the company itself, the Board of directors and its Leadership; the people who are sat on the patents and the right to Royalties.

The Planet that disposes the sign by Exaltation, represents the Elite sportsmen and Celebrity performers that are reknown in their field and both use and front the product.

The Planet that rules the sign by Triplicity represents the Shareholders and Owners; The Circle of People who are funding the project, but whom also will receive dividends.

The dispositor by Terms is for the Technicians and Engineers; the People who have the know-how.

The dispositor by Face is for the Marketing and Sales Department, but who on the lowest level will signify the young Woman or Man stood in the Shop, who is nothing but a Pretty Face, and doesn’t have the knowledge or mandate to do anything or answer any question, and would have to turn up the line and ask someone else if you had a specific request.

If a planet collects several essential dignities, it shows a person who acts in several capacities, and in this way the significator is more important. If a planet was both in its own sign and term, it would show that someone of the Board who also belonged among the technicians and engineers. It could in fact be the inventor or an important problem solver. Or if a planet were in its own sign and face, then this director would have a strong background in sales.

A planet located in several of its lesser dignities is more influential. I.e if a planet is in either its own face or terms, but also in its own triplicity, would show someone at a lower level, but who also belonged among the owners and shareholders, and probably have important connections. So in this way, this persons role would be more considerate. If a planet was both in its own face and terms, this person would be stood in a shop, or on a stand at an exhibition, but would have a background within both engineering and sales. In this way the company representative would be able to offer both service and technical advice at the same time. If a planet is acting as a dispositor, gathering several testimonies in one place, i.e. it is located in both its own sign and term, or sign and face, or anything similar, its actions are more profound and decisive. It’s is like a strike that is active and supported in several departments. Or if not a strike – a party or celebration, a motion and commonground.

I wrote to quite some length on the Faces in my previous article. A planet located in its own Face is allowed one essential dignity only, and no one is impressed regarding the strength of such a planet, or the grip on affairs that this weakest form of dignity displays. While mixed receptions is a term used in classical astrology, Lilly does not allow a planet to save another by reception, if such virtue is offered by Face alone. Bonatus writes that the Face is not of the same stature as the other essential dignities, and it is neccesary it should be assisted by other considerations, like Halb (in its own light) or Hayiz (which additionally requires that the significator be found in a sign of its own gender).

In my experience I am finding that planets located in their own face will keep you safe and save the day. Protect your ass, as it were. But the experience of the faces, whilest you are midstream, is nothing but a nightmare. They take you through experiences which make no sense what so ever and seem like a total joke, and when you have got through it all you think, “How the Hell did I get through that??” Afterward you have a story to talk about, a story which contains the most outrageous details, which is great at a party or as an ice-breaker at any board meeting, and which is bound to raise a laugh. It is due to make people lower their shoulders. A planet in its own Face is the indication of a narrow escape, and someone being saved with the smallest margin. As a small divergence, the thing passing through my mind at the moment is the Moon in my natal chart, which I have located on the IC, and which is Void of Course (VOC) in its own face in the final degrees of Aquarius. Once upon a time many years ago, I rented a small apartment in Norway’s absolute wealthiest neighbourhood. My renting of an apartment in this street did in NO WAY reflect my financial situation at the time WHAT SO EVER, it was such a joke and so totally absurd. But that wasn’t the only thing. My landlord’s name was ‘VOCaty’…

The dispositor by term, however, does things. If a planet is in its own terms it shows matters and a line of business that the significator is capable of administrating on its own accord. “This is what we do.” If a planet is located in the terms of another, this is more likely to describe what happens to you – for better or for worse. The effect is more circumstantial. Authorities agree that a planet performs more readily when located in the terms which are closer to its own nature, in which case the fortunes Venus and Jupiter are both moderately warm and moist by nature, and when appearing in one anothers terms they support one another well. Mercury and Saturn are both studious and cool. While the Moon and Mars do not get along, showing danger, accidents and wounds, and so on… If there’s anything else you should remember from my previous article and before we move on, it’s that the Faces wobble!

Example charts

Horary chart – The Question of Recovery

This first example chart I shared with you during my lecture in Craiova. It concerns a woman who has been working with a health issue. The question is posed at 20.42 CEST, on 30.03.2018, Asker, 59N50, 10E26. Her age at the time of the question is 60 years old. She has suffered a lot of sickness the last years; a kidney failure, a prosthesis and is commited to a bed. Now she is awaiting an operation, and in 6 months time prospects are that she will be able to walk. She has never been married and would still like to enjoy a meaningful relationship She says: “The last 10 years of my life have been a joke. I do not know how I have survived”.

The Ascendant of the horary chart is in the sign of Libra, which rules the kidneys and the querent already told us that her kidneys failed. The Moon is in her own face in the 1st degree of Libra in the 12th house, and it is obvious the querent has been lay in bed for much of the time and hospitalized. Venus, who is Lady of the 1st house is in her own face in the final degree of Aries, the sign of her detriment at 29AR30. If you apply 1° for a year, then Venus would have passed through her own face for the last 9,5 years, which agrees with the nightmare the querent says she has prevailed. Saturn disposes the Ascendant by exaltation, and will receive the conjunction of Mars, who is Lord of the 7th, significator of the surgeon or physicist, in the sign of Capricorn (the Alchemyst), a sign in which both Saturn and Mars are dignified. The querent is due for an operation.

Without having met the querent, it is difficult to give an on-site assessment of her prospects and aspirations, but astrologically the outlook is good. Applying the yardstick of 1° = 1 year in time, Venus, who is the natural significator of the querent, will leave the sign of her detriment in 6 months time and enter Taurus, the sign of her rulership. With some good fortune this will agree with her prospects of getting back on her feet again, but everything takes time. After 3 years, her significator will be directed to the exaltation degree of the Moon, and this would be the best opportunity in the next few years, for her to acheive some sort of relationship and moving into a place of comfort.

Horary chart – The Question of a Lecture

An experienced coach and speaker in her 60’s contacted me concerning a talk that she was due to hold for a congregation, but where she heard one of her colleagues and co-workers summon participants to the lecture, yet talk of her in a demeaning and humiliating fashion. She is very well schooled and knowledgable in her field, but now she felt upset about the entire project. Her query and consultation is posed at 11.42 CET, 08.03.2019, Asker, Norway 59N50, 10E26.

The querent is represented by the Cancer Ascendent and the 1st house, with the North Node therein. The North Node is educated, wise and carrier of resources. However, Saturn is on the descendant, so her accomplice, partner, or in this case adversary, is overcompensating to cover up for own personal insecurities. In fact, if you look at the configuration of Pluto and the South Node in the 7th house, this type of person would tend to try and take control of a situation by pushing their own short-comings on to someone else.

The Moon is the ruler of the 1st house, and hence the natural significator of the querent. She is waxing in Aries in the same sign as Chiron (the coach) and on the cusp of the 11th house, which relates both to speaking before a group of people, but also reaching for your personal aspirations. The Moon is in the terms of Venus and applies to the sexile of Venus, who is in the 8th house, and this talk relates to therapy and coaching techniques. Venus disposes the Midheaven by both exaltation and term, and is the natural ruler of the 5th, which rules both the creative thought process and a mode of appreciation. Lastly, Venus is in her own face.

So as things go, the Moon applies to her dispositor by term with an agreeable aspect. A planet in its own face will always cause happenings to go a bit astray, but at the same time, a planet in its own face is good for a show, an exhibition or presentation. The planet in its own face will always meet the audience. The Moon applies to the trine of Fortuna in the 2nd house, so I told the querent that the lecture would go well and her success would be ensured.

A Natal chart and the case of a brain hemhorrhage

The native has provided her birthtime as 01.15 (UTC+8) on 27.05.1980 at Manilia in the Philipines. Yet, the use of the Age Point caused me to correct the time to 01.12 (UTC+8) for reasons you soon will understand. The woman was coming up to 38 years and 8 months of age at the time, where upon I councelled the woman and advised her to show a caution upon the entry of her Age Point into Cancer. Without having seen this happen before, because all charts are different and the woman was in her prime of age, it was difficult to grip hold of what was about to happen and without the sound confidence of experience. Yet I do believe that the use of astrology can reveal a guide to a sensible line of action and precautions, but then when things happen a few months before expected, it is even more so difficult to stay in front. Yet what happened is shown and can be explained by the details in the chart, and that gives confidence in the accuracy and potential of astrology, together with an argument for rectifying the provided time of birth.

On January 18. 2019, and at the age of 38 years and 10 months this young woman was rushed to hospital with a brain hemhorrhage. All has gone well, but at the time of writing she is still in the stage of rest and recuperation at Norway’s finest rehabilitation center. In her chart the event and oncoming of sudden illness is shown by the Age Point entering into the sign of Cancer. The Moon in this chart in in the 8th house in the final degree of Libra, and in the terms of Mars (bleeding). The Moon is in a mixed reception with Jupiter, she in his face, he in her triplicity. But according to tradition this mixture offers no credit. The mixed reception with Mars; the Moon in his terms and he in her triplicity, gives a better hold. But notice how both Mars and Jupiter are in Virgo in the 6th house, and in sign with Saturn. More important is to notice Venus, who is Lady of the 8th. She is also located in the terms of Mars, but in her own face – so it is likely to cause a ride, but all will go well and be corrected. The arguing factor for recovery is the Moon’s reception with Venus by sign, together with Venus’ location by face. It is still a very scary happening and the significators in the terms of Mars show the need for precaution.

ANDREW BEVAN, QHP, DMS Astrol. – (c) 2018
Honorary Member of Romanian Astrologers Association

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